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Bath Hotels Budget Accommodation in Bath Somerset

Staying somewhere on a budget is the modern traveller's way. Discounted hotels in Bath Somerset are not that hard to find, if you know where to look. Although some of these are un-rated hotels, they are still good value for money and should have enough facilities to make your holiday in Bath a pleasant one.

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Rooms from 12.49 GBP

Positioned in the centre of Bath we are an ideal destination to stay at for the younger as well as hikers on a restricted spending budget. Near to the principal attractions of the city not to mention all the retailers, bars, cafes along with dining establishments.

Guest Rating: 3.65 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.65
Rooms from 14.40 GBP

Great location within a few minutes walk of Bath Abbey, the city centre and 4 minutes to the train station. Mixed and women only dorms are clean. Staff are friendly adding the the cheerful ambiance our great guests love. Pay less expect far more than you bargained for!

Guest Rating: 3.30 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.30
Rooms from 0.00 GBP

Inexpensive simple rooms that are within hundreds of acres of lovely grounds make this a true bargain hunters dream. Located close enough to the town centre to walk and also with regular bus stops nearby you cant go wrong.

Guest Rating: 3.95 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.95
Rooms from 40.00 GBP

This small B&B establishment means your visit with us will be really personalised. This is a lovely selection for splendid weekend break in Bath Upon Avon.

Guest Rating: 2.00 / 5
Rated by guests as 2.00
Rooms from 55.00 GBP

Located a brief walk away from Pulteney Bridge (3 minutes walk) and Bath Abbey (5 minutes walk). This affordable hotel can be found next to an attractive recreation area called Henrietta Park.

Guest Rating: 2.80 / 5
Rated by guests as 2.80
Rooms from 59.00 GBP

Staying here puts you so central, you can walk to the East end of Bath Abbey in about 2 minutes. This is probably the most central budget B&B in the city.

Guest Rating: 3.75 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.75
Rooms from 70.00 GBP

Look no further for good value than here at Glenade. Great rooms at low prices, in a wonderful position close to the city centre in a quiet residential area.

Guest Rating: 4.60 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.60
Rooms from 80.00 GBP

Good sized rooms are one of the many reasons people come here and like it a lot. Easy access to the town on foot (16 minutes walk or so) or by bus is another. This is a nice pub that serves you up great food too.

Guest Rating: 4.05 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.05
Rooms from 67.15 GBP

The location of the inn is stunning right in the middle of the city. We are a good quality inexpensive modern coaching inn, with a lot of history.

Guest Rating: 4.00 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.00
Rooms from 89.50 GBP

True allure awaits you overlooking the waters of the river Avon here. A pub with lovely rooms, splendid food and nice staff. Why not chose a stay where you get easy access to Bath and the most glorious peaceful river views as well.

Guest Rating: 4.25 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.25
Rooms from 90.00 GBP

Just out of town but a short bus ride away from it. Lovely, spacious rooms are made to make you comfortable while you stay, with pleasant decor throughout.

Guest Rating: 4.45 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.45
Rooms from 89.00 GBP

The Edgar is a wonderful choice if you want to spend some premium quality time within Bath upon Avon. All of us always welcome each of our visitors hospitably as well as make sure you will enjoy our complete, focused attention on a daily basis. You're going to be treated to a comfortable in addition to charming hotel where you will discover comfort and a tranquil allure.

Guest Rating: 4.25 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.25
Rooms from 81.00 GBP

In a quiet suburb 1.8 miles (13 minutes by bus) South of Bath train station giving you easy access to the city centre. Enjoy the gorgeous splendour of a quiet country cottage in the city.

Guest Rating: 4.55 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.55
Rooms from 100.00 GBP

Make yourself at home staying on a self-catering break with us. Well positioned for the main city attractions, splendid restaurants and a local supermarket too.

Guest Rating: 4.35 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.35
Rooms from 89.00 GBP

Well located close to the Royal Crescent and Circus in Bath. Your level of comfort here is will be very high. Breakfast is renown as a great start to the day here. Staff are friendly and able to help you get the most out of you time away.

Guest Rating: 4.50 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.50
Rooms from 102.00 GBP

Great historic townhouse in a super location that is extremely well respected by others who have stayed. Only the best is what you get, from helpful staff who want you to enjoy everything while you are here.

Guest Rating: 4.85 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.85
Rooms from 0.00 GBP

A historic house a short walk from Pulteney Bridge and the city centre full of charm. Delightful, friendly hosts can also be a great source of information about where to go in Bath.

Guest Rating: 4.05 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.05
Rooms from 67.00 GBP

Our budget B&B in Bath bring you excellent value about five minutes walk from the city centre. Car parking at the rear of the building is available for guests. Every room has a colour TV so you can relax and feel at home after a hard day exploring.

Guest Rating: 3.50 / 5
Rated by guests as 3.50
Rooms from 111.00 GBP

Located very central in Bath, the Dukes is a fine, listed building full of charm. The olde world comes to your bedroom as well, with authentic, period design and furniture.

Guest Rating: 4.50 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.50
Rooms from 62.00 GBP

In a super location near many attractions and easy to find as well. A warm and friendly host will welcome you with open arms and make sure you are well attended to.

Guest Rating: 4.50 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.50
Rooms from 102.00 GBP

The Bay Tree is really a comfortable and also cozy bed and breakfast based only 500 metres from Bath city centre. This attractive, relaxed place provides you with a unique individual greeting from the great natured owners.

Guest Rating: 4.45 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.45
Rooms from 150.00 GBP

Ston Easton continues to be probably the most attractive to the eye old properties in the Bath and also Bristol region and has been for generations. Yet for your pleasure we are currently considered one of England's most sophisticated country house hotels.

Guest Rating: 4.86 / 5
Rated by guests as 4.86
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