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One of smaller but still magnificent and historical attractions in Bath is the Sally Lunn's refreshment house and museum. There are a number of different outlets all over the city centre. One of the shops is in what is reputed to be the oldest house in Bath.

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Sally herself was a young French refugee who arrived in England around 300 years ago and began making the world famous bun that bears her name. These yeasty buns, more like a loaf really, are still baked to the same secret recipe that made her baking talk of the town in 1680. Savory, toasted or sweet they are always a special treat!

A picture of Sally Lunn's

In the same very house today you can experience this famous delight as well as a morning coffee or an evening candle lit dinner in this quaint English teahouse. Word of warning though, booking a table earlier is a must for the popular late meal. The cellar museum shows the remains of the Roman, Saxon and medieval building which once graced this location. You can also see the original kitchens and period cooking implements. Next to the kitchens are the impressive and not to be missed stalactite and Stalagmite cellar.

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