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The Roman Baths in Bath Somerset England

The Roman Baths in Bath Somerset sit right in the centre of the city very close to Bath Abbey. Here lies one of Britain"s best preserved memorials to the Roman Era. For nearly 2000 years the Roman Baths have stood the test of time and today still have the natural hot water flowing from it. The baths were first discovered by the Celts who were around the springs when the Romans invaded in 43AD.

Picture of the pump rooms in Bath


Roman Baths and Museum, Abbey Churchyard, Bath. Somerset, England, BA1 1LZ


01225 477785

The Romans Relaxed in Bath

Known as Aquae Sulis by the Romans, Bath as we know it today, was not a strategic nor a military centre. It was much more a place to unwind, catch up with the local gossip and take a plunge into the waters of the roman baths.

Picture of Minerva's head. This is an imposing sight in the depths.

Temple of Minerva Discovered

Adjacent to the springs excavations have uncovered a major temple to the goddess Sulis Minerva whom the Romans would come and pray to to help cure their ailments before taking the plunge into the sacred strings thought to be from the gods obviously because over a millions litre of hot mineral water everyday doesn't come from nowhere.

The Romans Left, but Baths' Reputation Lives On

The therapeutic qualities of the waters was not forgotten after the Romans left England. Following a visit by Queen Anne in 1702 people flocked to the City. So many came that new attractions where built to entertain and accommodate them. The near by Assembly Rooms where is one of these. Today you can still take tea or lunch in the Conventional Georgian rooms whilst relaxing to music of the Pump Room Trio or resident pianist.

You can take a stroll around the original roman pavements around the steaming pool that reflects Bath Abbey in it. Also visit the Temple Courtyard and find out all about Sulis Minerva hidden below the Georgian Pump Rooms. Health scares in the 1970's and 80's led to a ban on people taking a dip in the waters today.

A reflection of Bath Abbey in the waters of the Baths

Audio guides are available in many languages are offered free of charge and there are purpose built education rooms for school visits.

Opening times

Jan-Feb Nov-Dec Open 9.30am, closes at 4.30pm
Mar-Jun Sept-Oct open 9am, closes at 5pm
Jul-August 9am-9pm

Disable access is limited due to the unable pavements and steps but free access for wheelchair users to the terrace overlooking the main Great Bath is available and special open evening when the whole complex is ramped is also an option. Telephone 01225 477785 for full details.

Groups of 20 or more must book in advance with discount tickets available. Telephone 01225 477785

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