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Cancellations Policy for Hotels Reservation with Hotels in Bath Ltd

Our reputation relies on serving you as best we can. We will do all we can do to help you. When you book with us online you should be able to cancel online as well. In most cases this should be free of charge. Try to cancel using the email confirmation we sent you, at least one day in advance of your booked arrival date. If you cannot do this online, please call us and we will try to help you. +44 (0) 1904 338885

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Cancellation of your reservations online.

  • The email confirmation we sent to you is an important part of the contract you have entered in with us and the hotel.
  • You can use this email confirmation to cancel your booking with us and the hotel in one action.
  • Once it has been cancelled online with us, in accordance of the stated hotel policy, the hotel should recognise the booking as cancelled.
  • If you cancel a booking in good time before you arrive, there should be no charge for this.
  • However the policy varies from hotel to hotel and from room to room. So, please check as you are going through the booking process exactly what the hotel policy says.
  • There should be notification of any charges that are not refundable. This notification also should be on your email confirmation and/or available to you during the booking process online.

We Can Not Cancel Online, Help!

  • For what ever reason, if you cannot cancel online call us on +44 (0) 1904 338885.
  • Customer services should be available to help you 9am - 5pm GMT during weekdays.
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